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CENTOGENE CentoTalk – Discover a New World of Medical Diagnostics

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CentoCloud – Discover a New World of Medical Diagnostics

Nov 2, 2022 | English

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HPO – How 3 Letters Can Change a Life

October 10, 2022  |  English

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CentoTalks – Webinars on Demand

Salud Reproductiva y Diagnóstico Genético Prenatal

A lo largo del CentoTalk, Pilar Gutibonza, MD, proporciona una descripción detallada de las opciones de detección prenatal de CENTOGENE y cómo las pruebas prenatales juegan un papel esencial.


Reproductive Health and Prenatal Genetic Testing

Throughout the CentoTalk, Clarice Loh provides a detailed overview of CENTOGENE’s prenatal screening options and how prenatal testing plays an essential role in facilitating early answers when […]


How Biomarkers Transform Genetic Diagnostics: A Success Story With Fabry Disease

Throughout the on demand CentoTalk, Dr. Tobias Boettcher provides an overview of how biomarkers play an essential role in early diagnosis, prediction, and therapeutic monitoring for Fabry disease […]


Cómo los biomarcadores transforman el Diagnóstico Genético

A lo largo de nuestro CentoTalk hablamos sobre la enfermedad de Fabry y la aplicación práctica de los biomarcadores que está ayudando a cambiar el juego de los diagnósticos genéticos.


¡Cuidado de la audición para TODOS! Diagnosticar. Rehabilitar. Comunicar.

A lo largo del webinar, la Dra. Guatibonza nos brinda una descripción general sobre la pérdida auditiva y nuestra prueba genética disponible para la detección: el Panel CentoHear.


Hearing Care for ALL! Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate

Throughout the webinar, CENTOGENE’s Medical Sales Liaison Brittney Kraeer will provide an overview about Hearing Loss and our available genetic test for screening – the CentoHear Panel.


Our Scientific Speakers

Prof. Peter Bauer,  M.D., CENTOGENE's Chief Genomic Officer

Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D.

Chief Genomic Officer

Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D., serves as CENTOGENE's Chief Genomic Officer, where […]

Dr. Jorge Pinto Basto

Senior Medical Director

Jorge serves as CENTOGENE’s Senior Medical Director. Bringing in over 15 […]

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Pilar Guatibonza

Dr. Pilar Guatibonza

MD, Clinical Genetic Liaison CENTOGENE

Pilar Guatibonza Moreno is a Pontificia Universidad Javeriana alumni, […]

Florian Vogel, Ph.D., CENTOGENE’s Chief Process Officer

Florian Vogel, Ph.D.

Chief Process Officer

Dr. Florian Vogel currently serves as the Chief Process Officer at […]

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Dr. Aida Bertoli-Avella

Dr. Aida M. Bertoli-Avella

Head of Research Data Analysis

Aida graduated from the Institute of Medical Sciences, Santiago de Cuba. In […]

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Carlos Juaristi Manrique

Carlos Juaristi-Manrique

Regional Sales Director in Mexico

Carlos Juaristi-Manrique, specialist, completed his residency in medical […]

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Tobias Boettcher

Tobias Böttcher


Tobias Boettcher completed his internship in Neurology at the Dept. of […]

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Regional Manager Brazil Angelo Lana

Angelo Lana

PhD, Regional Manager for Southern Europe

Angelo Lana is an experienced professional in commercial and product […]

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