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Accelerating target analysis and validation for rare and neurodegenerative diseases

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De-risking your clinical pipeline for rare and neurodegenerative disease clinical studies

Finding and identifying the right patients for your clinical trials

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Find the Right Patients

85 %

of clinical trials are delayed1.

Optimize Validation Processes


of target validations fail2.

Discover Novel Insights


of rare diseases lack approved treatment due to unknown gene-disease relationships3.

Biodata Network Products

Insight Reports

These tailored data analysis reports are generated in close consultation with biopharma partners and CENTOGENE’s in-house geneticists, medical experts, and data scientists. This seamlessly enables you to answer ad hoc research questions via real-world data, which is carefully curated, analyzed, and summarized by CENTOGENE’s team of experts.

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Biodata Licenses

Biodata Licenses enable you to securely access CENTOGENE's rare datasets for self-analysis. This includes access to multiomic, clinical, and sociodemographic datasets of rare diseases and phenotypes via a Trusted Research Environment (TRE). Additionally, data analysis support is available on demand..

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A Real-World Data Repository

The CENTOGENE Biodatabank: The Engine of Customizable Data-Driven Partnering Solutions

Since our founding in 2006, CENTOGENE has been offering rapid and reliable diagnosis – building a network of approximately 30,000 active physicians. Our ISO, CAP, and CLIA certified multiomic reference laboratories in Germany utilize Phenomic, Genomic, Transcriptomic, Epigenomic, Proteomic, and Metabolomic datasets. The datasets reflect a diverse geographic and ethnic sample base and include a large share of rare and ultra-rare diseases, as well as pediatric cases, with data modalities including clinical and socio-demographic data. This data is captured in our CENTOGENE Biodatabank, with nearly 700,000 patients represented from over 120 highly diverse countries, over 70% of whom are of non-European descent. To date, the CENTOGENE Biodatabank has contributed to generating novel insights for more than 260 peer-reviewed publications.

Our mission is to provide data-driven, life-changing answers to patients, physicians, and pharma companies for rare and neurodegenerative diseases.




active physicians in our network


highly diverse countries

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Our Data Holds the Answers of Today and Insights of the Future

The CENTOGENE Biodatabank reflects a diverse geographic and ethnic sample base and includes a large share of pediatric cases in rare and neurodegenerative diseases, with data modalities including clinical, multiomic, and socio-demographic data. By capturing diverse data, we establish a holistic view to enable the most accurate diagnosis and develop better disease models.

Our patients’ research consent allows us to also store data for 20 years – and with new genetic discoveries taking place every day, it is well placed to continue to accelerate the discovery and development of new biomarkers and targets well into the 21st century.

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See What Our Customers and Partners Are Saying:

Through my work with the CENTOGENE team, I was able to diagnose hundreds of patients with different LSD diseases.

Prof. Laila Selim, M.D., Ph.D., Cairo University Children Hospital

“The CENTOGENE Biodatabank and multiomic-based services will enhance how we design and recruit for rare disease clinical trials.”

Angi Robinson, Senior Vice President, Project Delivery, Premier Research

“At Agios, we know that great science requires world-class collaboration. Accelerating and streamlining our clinical trials is critical for bringing new innovations to patients as efficiently as possible, and CENTOGENE's solutions make them a great partner for this project.”

Sarah Gheuens, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Agios

The CENTOGENE Biodatabank: Beyond the Data


Dried blood spot (DBS) cards can be used to collect and ship patient samples. Serving as the simplest way to ship biological samples, CentoCard makes genetic testing available anywhere in the world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We leverage AI to enhance the way we deal with patient samples. In doing so, we are able to automate variant prioritization, patient information extraction, data enrichment, and report automation with the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Medical Expertise

With approximately 420 employees from more than 50 countries, we work with the best specialists to deliver data-driven solutions. Our team includes over 100 geneticists – delivering results you can trust by meticulously interpreting, reviewing, and approving genetic lab results.

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