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Unique Real-World Evidence (RWE) on Rare and Neurodegenerative Disease Patient Cohorts

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Why Registries?

Registries are the perfect tool to capture real-world patient data over a long period of time to understand long-term trends in specific populations and learn the natural history of patient progress on a medication or standard of care. The results can inform payers on the value of a treatment option based on the generated real-world evidence.

Rare disease studies target narrow, highly specific populations and rely heavily on diagnosis. CENTOGENE is uniquely positioned to support RWE studies through the establishment of registries.

Experience shows that CENTOGENE support can accelerate patient recruitment and reduce the overall study execution period, ultimately accelerating and de-risking the often resource-intensive drug discovery, development, and commercialization process.

Registries Powered by the CENTOGENE Biodatabank


patients from over 120 countries


active physicians in our network


rare diseases characterized by multiomic and phenomic data

>70 million

unique variants fueled by our diagnostic services


of individuals of non-European descent

>1 million

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Accelerate the Development and Execution of Your RWE Study

Partners can leverage the CENTOGENE Biodatabank and multiomic and medical expertise to accelerate the development and execution of their RWE studies. Our existing infrastructure of in-house studies (ROPAD for Parkinson’s disease, TRAMmoniTTR for hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis, EFRONT for frontotemporal dementia, and others), can form the basis of registries. We provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from study design support, diagnostics capabilities, site and patient identification, and with the support of local CRO partners, cost-effective, tailor-made execution of the studies.

Experience shows that CENTOGENE support can accelerate patient recruitment, and reduce the overall study execution period, ultimately improving the financials of a study.

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At CENTOGENE, we see it as our task to support the Pharma industry’s development of treatments for all rare and neurodegenerative diseases by generating actionable real-world insights and services leveraged from CENTOGENE’s vast repository of real-world data, our expertise in genomics, medicine and bioinformatics, and our multiomic diagnostics capabilities.

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CENTOGENE ROPAD Header Hands Together

Rostock International Parkinson's Disease Study (ROPAD)

ROPAD is an international, multicenter, epidemiological, observational study with the goal to investigate the genetic background of Parkinson’s patients.

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Epidemiological Study in Frontotemporal Dementia (EFRONT)

EFRONT is a single visit, multi-centre, non-interventional study that investigates the prevalence of genetic etiologies in Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) by genotyping patients diagnosed/ suspected of FTD.

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At CENTOGENE, we are committed to enabling the cure of 100 rare diseases within 10 years – working alongside over 30 partners via patient identification, clinical trial support, and drug discovery R&D collaborations.

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