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Clinical Trial Support

We provide our partners with a broad range of services for successful clinical trial operations. Leveraging our proprietary Bio/Databank, multiomic platform, and extensive network of physicians, our team of experts ensure efficient and effective solutions to drive progress in the rare disease space.

Streamlining Clinical Trials With Customizable End-to-End Support

From overall study design and regulatory guidelines to patient access and general time and cost management, clinical trials can quickly become complex and resource intensive.

CENTOGENE is here to help streamline this process for our partners. We provide efficient, effective clinical trial support to help you optimize time and cost, while delivering the highest levels of operational and scientific excellence.

Based on the world’s largest rare disease-centric Bio/Databank of its kind and decades of combined experience, our clinical trial support team can help you:

  • Further investigate new biomarkers
  • Investigate disease prevalence
  • Identify drug targets
  • Monitor candidate therapies
  • Validate new biomarkers as clinical endpoints
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CENTOGENE services in clinical studies

CENTOGENE services in clinical studies span the full spectrum of customized solutions for orphan drug development including in vitro molecular screening, epidemiological studies, biomarker development as well as patient recruitment and identification.


over 30 pharmaceutical partners 

CENTOGENE established collaboration agreements with over 30 pharmaceutical partners including Denali Therapeutics, Evotec AG, Orphazyme, Aldeyra Therapeutics and Chiesi Germany. Our joint projects involve thousands of patients affected with rare hereditary disorders. Pharma partners are provided with a wealth of information for their orphan drug trial programs fostering the development of new therapies.

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rich collection of biological samples

CENTOGENE's clinical studies yield a rich collection of biological samples. Our highly innovative analytical platforms can analyze genetic, proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic data in addition to biochemical and clinical data. We have developed a powerful tool that helps patients by providing them with a quick diagnosis and expert guidance on treatment options.

Global Patient Testing Programs

Centogene is utilizing the customized solutions for globally dispersed patient populations and including them into our clinical patient identification programs worldwide, that involve patients affected with different rare disorders.

Epidemiological Study in Frontotemporal Dementia (EFRONT)

EFRONT is a single visit, multi-centre, non-interventional study that investigates the prevalence of genetic etiologies in Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) by genotyping patients diagnosed/ suspected of FTD.

Learn more about EFRONT

CENTOGENE TRAM Header Family in Nature

Hereditary Transthyretin-Related Amyloidosis and Monitoring of TTR Positive Subjects (TRAMmoniTTR)

The TRAMmoniTTR study, is a multicenter, epidemiological, longitudinal study to screen and monitor disease progression in patients who carry pathgenic variants of the TTR gene.

Learn more about TRAMmoniTTR

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Rostock International Parkinson's Disease Study (ROPAD)

ROPAD is an international, multicenter, epidemiological, observational study to characterize the genetics of familial Parkinson’s disease. This study is closely linked to a follow-up (LIPAD) study with the University of Lübeck. Both studies aim to establish candidate biomarkers of the disease.

Learn more about ROPAD

CENTOGENE Pharma Clinical Trial PiCoP-GLOBAL

Peptide-Based Immunization for Colon- and Pancreas-Carcinoma (PiCoP-GLOBAL)

PiCoP-GLOBAL is an international multicenter epidemiological observational study with the goal to develop diagnostic tools for personalized, immune-based therapies in colon and pancreatic tumors. This study is closely connected to the national PiCoP study in Germany and a follow-up vaccination study.

Learn more about PiCoP-GLOBAL

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Hereditary Angioedema disease (HAE Study)

HAE is an international, multicenter, epidemiological study to investigate the prevalence of Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) among participants with recurrent episodes of abdominal pain of no obvious etiology.

Learn more about HAE 

Our Other Services

CENTOGENE Patient Identification Physician Talks to People

Patient Identification

By leveraging our proprietary Bio/Databank, multiomic platform, and extensive network of physicians, we help de-risk orphan drug development for our partners by seamlessly identifying the right patients.

Learn more

CENTOGENE Drug Discovery Development Man Looks Into Screen

Drug Discovery R&D Collaborations

We develop new disease models, identify drug targets, and screen compounds to identify potential new drug candidates.

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