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What We Do for Pharma

Enabling the Cure of 100 Rare Diseases in 10 Years

Over our 15 years of diagnosing rare disease patients around the world, we have built the world’s largest resource on rare, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases. Containing over 600,000 patient samples, and rapidly growing, we leverage multiomic data from our Bio/Databank to reinvent rare disease drug discovery and development.

Redefining What It Means to Be Rare






Diseases Diagnosed

Our Services

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Clinical Trial Support

We support pharmaceutical companies with a broad range of services to operationalize clinical trials.

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Patient Identification

We can identify and stratify patients to help partners target drugs to the most appropriate patients.

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Drug Discovery R&D Collaborations

We develop new disease models, identify drug targets, and screen compounds to identify potential new drug candidates.

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At CENTOGENE, we are committed to enabling the cure of 100 rare diseases within 10 years – working alongside over 30 partners via patient identification, clinical trial support, and drug discovery R&D collaborations.

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Understanding the Molecular Characteristics of Parkinson’s Disease

ROPAD Study to genotype up to 12,500 patients with Parkinson’s disease globally

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Identifying Patients With Frontal Temporal Dementia

EFRONT study to better understand the genetics of dementia and raise disease awareness

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Diagnosing Patients With Genetic Disorders

Providing access to genetic testing to patients around the world

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Turning Insights Into Precision Medicine

Combining hit discovery with CENTOGENE´s novel disease insights to derive investigational new drug (IND) enabling therapies for Gaucher disease

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