CentoCloud® – Our New Bioinformatics SaaS Platform

CentoCloud® – Our New Bioinformatics SaaS Platform

CentoCloud is a software designed for human genetic laboratories to support the execution of high-standard Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) diagnostics remotely.

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Analyze, interpret, and report genomic variants with our decentralized diagnostic solution – no matter where you are located

CentoCloud is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform specifically designed for the rapid bioinformatic analysis and interpretation of Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) data based on CENTOGENE’s proprietary Biodatabank and external reference databases. It allows for the identification, prioritization, and classification of human genetic variants associated with genetic diseases/inherited diseases.

The fully automated bioinformatics pipeline analyzes NGS data based on CENTOGENE's validated testing products provided by Twist Bioscience.

Powered by an end-to-end workflow with best-in-class bioinformatics as well as CENTOGENE's medical reporting service, CentoCloud encompasses the latest diagnostic insights – allowing you to provide state-of-the-art individualized patient care.


End-to-end workflow from FASTQ files to expert medical report

Best-in-class, CE-marked bioinformatics with superior variant annotation, classification, and prioritization

Powered by CENTOGENE’s Biodatabank of over 650,000 patients

Best diagnostic reliability through superior, end-to-end validated gene panels and protocols

CentoCloud Workflow

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1. Fully-Automated Bioinformatics Solution

Highly automated bioinformatics pipeline to accelerate diagnostic timelines:

  • Accepts raw sequencing data from Illumina sequencing technology in FASTQ format
  • Alignment to genomic reference sequence
  • Variant calling, copy number analysis, and annotation with public databases

2. Biodatabank Annotation

Provide filtered variant list with annotation from our proprietary Biodatabank (genotype–phenotype database for rare diseases)

  • > 650,000 individuals, > 400,000 biosamples from > 120 countries
  • > 2,500 rare diseases diagnosed
  • > 31,000,000 unique variants
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CentoCloud – Discover a New World of Medical Diagnostics

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The Highest Quality Bioinformatics & Variant Annotation

Our fully automated, curated, bioinformatic analysis, and variant pre-classification is based on ACMG guidelines1. Additionally, AI-based genomic variant prioritization empowers you to provide your patients with accurate and timely answers.

The bioinformatics platform is also one of the world’s few CE marked IVD software for genomic diagnostics that is available via the cloud.

State-of-the-Art Interpretation

The CentoCloud platform and associated services from CENTOGENE facilitate the same high quality and diagnostic accuracy as we offer in our own certified state-of-the-art labs.

CE-marked clinical decision support platform enables laboratories to provide best-in-class diagnostics of genetic diseases

Dedicated Features for Further Analysis

CentoCloud bioinformatics and medical evaluation options are available to you today – providing unparalled decentralized diagnostic support. Committed to always providing the most advanced technologies, we are already working on further updates and features.

To find out more about the various features of this upcoming accessory to CentoCloud, please request a free demo.

"At CENTOGENE, we are committed to enabling access to genetic testing for patients around the world. With the new IVD regulation, CentoCloud will be one of Europe’s only commercialized software on the market – underlining our commitment to being at the forefront of offering safe and accessible patient solutions.

Kim Stratton,
Chief Executive Officer

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CentoCloud-Associated Service Provides Medical Diagnosis & High-Quality Reporting

Drawing on more than 15 years of rare and neurodegenerative disease diagnostic experience and streamlined processes, CentoCloud enables high quality and accurate diagnostics like CENTOGENE’s offers in its own certified state-of-the-art labs. Generating medical reports of diagnostic analyses is resource intensive – requiring an extensive amount of bioinformatic, and clinical genetic expertise, a sizeable databank of patient samples, and a streamlined recording system.

Our comprehensive medical reports contain extensive, expert interpretation of clinical data and include differential diagnostic approaches as well as detailed interpretation of key findings.

To find out more about our medical reporting of diagnostic findings, please visit our medical reporting page.

Medical Reporting at CENTOGENE

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Our Experts Provide Their Medical Diagnosis & Report That Includes:
  • Comprehensive curation of clinical evidence & medical interpretation by medical experts
  • Clear diagnostic statements
  • Classification of identified variants following best practice international guidelines (CMGS/ACMG)
  • References to relevant publications to support our conclusions
  • Access to all documentation including variant lists, copy number lists, and diagnostic gap analysis
  • Recommendations for follow-up analyses by our board-certified human genetic experts

Empowering Partner Labs and Institutions Around the Globe

Knowledge Transfer

Our services include the transfer of our expert knowledge, training & qualification, sequencing protocols, and validation & verification support to those just starting out with NGS operations, clinical bioinformatics, and variant annotation from FASTQ files.

Workstation setup & validation: support with quality management and accreditation on request

Ready-to-use protocols curated based on CENTOGENE’s more than 15 years of diagnostic experience

Training in NGS wet lab: Training programs at CENTOGENE’s Rostock headquarters or on-site at your laboratory

Competency testing: Ensure best practice through a competency certificate after training and validation

CentoCloud® – Knowledge Transfer

Technology Transfer

When using our technology, you unlock access to:

CENTOGENE Icon Screen and DNA Helix

Superior panel/assay design: Validated and driven by CENTOGENE’s medical expertise and intellectual property in clinical diagnostics

CENTOGENE Icon People and DNA Helix

Unique variant coverage: Based on proprietary variants from the world’s largest and most diverse rare disease patient cohorts and public databases

Best diagnostic reliability: End-to-end validated gene panels containing fully curated variants that comply with the highest standards of CAP/CLIA requirements

CENTOGENE Icon DNA Helix with red Points

Comprehensive and highly sensitive: Custom designed panels that include copy number analysis to deliver our customers the best performance and accuracy

Additional Information & Resources


CENTOGENE Sample Report CentoCloud® Genome Solo Female Positive Findings

CentoCloud Genome Solo – Sample Report Positive


CENTOGENE Sample Report CentoCloud® Genome Solo Female Negative Findings

CentoCloud Genome Solo – Sample Report Negative


CENTOGENE Sample Report CentoCloud® Exome Trio Parent Positive Findings

CentoCloud Exome Trio – Sample Report Positive

CARRIER STATUS CONFIRMED – Likely pathogenic variant identified

CentoCloud Technical Sheet

CentoCloud – Technical Sheet

Technical Specifications about sequencing platforms, library kits and data files

CentoCloud Product Sheet

CentoCloud – Product Sheet

The Decentralized Diagnostic Solution on a glance

CentoCloud® – Our New Bioinformatics SaaS Platform

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