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Since our founding in 2006, CENTOGENE has been providing data-driven, life-changing answers to patients, physicians, and pharma companies for rare and neurodegenerative diseases.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Kim Stratton

Kim Stratton

Chief Executive Officer

Kim serves as CENTOGENE’s Chief Executive Officer. She has more than 30 years’ global […]

Miguel Coego Rios, CENTOGENE’s Chief Financial Officer

Miguel Coego Rios

Chief Financial Officer, Legal, & IT

Miguel Coego Rios is an experienced senior executive with broad expertise in finance […]

Prof. Peter Bauer,  M.D., CENTOGENE's Chief Genomic Officer

Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D.

Chief Medical and Genomic Officer

Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D., serves as CENTOGENE's Chief Medical and Genomic Officer, where […]

Leaderhip Board Ian Rentsch

Ian Rentsch

Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager - Pharma

Ian is a globally experienced industry leader with over 25 years of experience in the […]