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Our goal is the rapid medical diagnosis of inherited diseases, provided at the earliest possible moment as we turn analytical information into actionable results for physicians, patients and pharmaceutical partners.

Our commitment to the global medical community is an early and precise diagnosis for continuous improvement of therapeutic options for each individual patient.

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Our Latest Scientific News

  • Clinical and genetic characteristics of sporadic adult-onset degenerative ataxia

    The objective of this study is to define the clinical phenotype and natural history of sporadic adult-onset degenerative ataxia and to identify putative disease-causing mutations. The primary measure of disease severity was the Scale for the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia (SARA). DNA samples were screened for mutations using a high-coverage ataxia-specific gene panel in combination with next-generation sequencing. The analysis was performed on 249 participants. Our study provides quantitative data on the clinical phenotype and progression of sporadic ataxia with adult onset.

  • Heart and nervous system pathology in compound heterozygous Friedreich ataxia

    In a small percentage of patients with Friedreich ataxia (FA), the pathogenic mutation is compound heterozygous, consisting of a guanine–adenine–adenine (GAA) trinucleotide repeat expansion in one allele, and a deletion, point mutation, or insertion in the other. In 2 cases of compound heterozygous FA, the GAA expansion was inherited from the mother, and deletions from the father.

  • Activation of PKC triggers rescue of NPC1 patient specific iPSC derived glial cells from gliosis

    Niemann-Pick disease Type C1 (NPC1) is a rare progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by mutations in the NPC1 gene. The pathological mechanisms, underlying NPC1 are not yet completely understood. Especially the contribution of glial cells and gliosis to the progression of NPC1, are controversially discussed. As an analysis of affected cells is unfeasible in NPC1-patients, we recently developed an in vitro model system, based on cells derived from NPC1-patient specific iPSCs.


Dear Prof. Rolfs, ...

I want to thank you again for your support in our activity in rare disease field in Romania. It was a great meeting at Rare Disease Day symposium in Bucharest on 23th February. Centogene team participation contributed immensely to our event. It's amazing how much value you offered to our specialists looking to learn about rare diseases and new genomic technologies. Read more...

Romania, March 2017

Dear colleagues, ...

... the world's best laboratory Centogene!

Ukraine, December 2016

Congratulation ...

... for this success. The secret key of such achievement is the continuous unlimited help, collaboration, dedication and hard work from Centogene team. Special thanks to Daniel and Rami. Looking forward for more publications togother in the near future.

Riyadh, November 2016

I am an experienced neurogeneticist ...

and moved back to Lebanon from the US wanting to make a difference in the diagnosis, care and prevention of recurring neurogenetic disorders in the Lebanese. Alas, I was only partially successful, ... Read more

Lebanon, January 2016

Thank you ...

... very much for your unlimited help and support.

Saudi-Arabia, December 2015

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Today CENTOGENE and QIAGEN announce to collaborate in bioinformatics for genetic diseases, aiding the analysis of hereditary disorders by integrating genomic...

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CENTOGENE is proud to announce that it received the Continuation of Accreditation Notice for the CAP 15189 Accreditation Program by the College of American...

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CENTOGENE is raising venture capital to strengthen its R&D activities and drive its global growth.

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CENTOGENE has recently added the following single gene tests and Next Generation Sequencing panels to its portfolio. CENTOGENE‘s NGS panel composition always...

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An agreement was recently signed for an exciting new collaboration between CENTOGENE, Germany and University Hospital St. Ivan Rilski Sofia, Bulgaria.

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CENTOGENE is proud to announce today our Euro 25 million financing round led by TVM Capital Life Science in cooperation with DPE Deutsche Private Equity,...

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CENTOGENE AG (CENTOGENE) has been working together for years with local, national, and international partners in developing biomarkers to be used in the early...

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Another milestone is reached for our new headquarter in Rostock: Yesterday, we celebrated together with colleagues, friends and partners the Roofing Ceremony....

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CENTOGENE has recently added numerous single gene tests and next generation sequencing (NGS) panels to its portfolio. Our NGS panel compositions always reflect...

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