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Patient Identification

By leveraging our proprietary Bio/Databank, multiomic platform, and extensive network of physicians, we help de-risk orphan drug development for our partners with seamless patient identification. 

De-Risking Drug Discovery With Patient Identification

Orphan drugs are intended to treat diseases that are very rare. The pharmaceutical industry is often reluctant to invest in developing orphan drugs because the market is so small and the risk of failure is high. 

One contributing factor to the high failure rate of drugs in clinical trials is the heterogeneity of recruited patients. Our multi-omic platform can help stratify patients to find the most appropriate subgroup for clinical trials. Through our vast and ethnically diverse Bio/Databank and our network of over 29,000 physicians worldwide, we can also help companies determine site feasibility for clinical trials and identify and recruit the most appropriate patients. We can slash the time required to identify patient cohorts from years to days, de-risking drug development.

We are working with partners to identify and stratify patients in several disease areas, including Parkinson’s disease


We are collaborating with DENALI Therapeutics Inc. (California, U.S.) in the Rostock International Parkinson's Disease Study (ROPAD) (HYPERLINK TO ROPAD PAGE). The aim is to characterize the genetics of PD, establish a better understanding of disease progression, and recruit patients into clinical trials of candidate drugs.

Having met the initial milestone of recruiting and performing genetic testing of 10,000 participants, the study now aims to recruit and test an additional 2,500 patients – helping to generate insights into one of CENTOGENE’s key prioritized diseases. Based on initial findings, the study will focus its efforts on 40 sites across 11 countries, including Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.S.

In 2018, CENTOGENE entered into a strategic collaboration with Denali Therapeutics for the targeted global identification and recruitment of Parkinson’s disease patients with mutations in the LRRK2 gene. Mutations in LRRK2 are one of the most commonly known genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease. Patients enrolled in ROPAD with an LRRK2 mutation may be eligible for participation in future therapeutic clinical studies, including with Denali Therapeutics, which is developing a small molecule LRRK2 inhibitor for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in collaboration with Biogen.

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Our Other Services

CENTOGENE Drug Discovery Development Man Looks Into Screen

Drug Discovery R&D Collaborations

We work with partners to develop new disease models and new biomarkers of disease. We can also use our disease models to identify new drug targets and screen chemical compounds to identify potential new drug candidates.

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CENTOGENE Operationalising Clinical Trials Laboratory Scene

Clinical Trial Support

We provide a broad range of services to successfully operate clinical trials. We leverage our proprietary Bio/Databank, multiomic platform, extensive physician network and our experts to ensure efficient and effective solutions to drive progress in the rare disease space.

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