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Our CentoCloud Diagnostic Portfolio

Partner Up! We curated a unique portfolio of some of our best diagnostic solutions and transfer our technology and knowledge to support NGS-Laboratories around the world.

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Outstanding Clinical Coverage and Diagnostic Power

CENTOGENE has partnered with Twist Bioscience to bring you the best quality in clinical coverage and diagnostic results.

The product offering combines the CENTOGENE Biodatabank, the world’s largest real-world data repository for rare and neurodegenerative diseases, with Twist Bioscience’s library preparation and target enrichment capabilities to deliver multiple assays for rare disease diagnosis and analysis.

  • Offer our best-selling CentoXome with unmatched clinical diagnostic power in your lab
  • Start right away: As an experienced NGS lab, all supported library kits are available from Twist Bioscience, Illumina, Agilent, and IDT.
  • Best value at lower overall costs
  • Variants annotated based on CENTOGENE's unique Biodatabank

Combining Expertise to Advance Precision Medicine, While Enabling a More Efficient and Timely Diagnosis of Rare Diseases Around the World


The CentoCloud Diagnostic Portfolio

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Exome Sequencing

When choosing the Twist Alliance CNTG Exome library kits, we can enable you to achieve the same results as our best-selling CentoXome. For other supported library kits (incl. from Illumina, Agilent, IDT), please refer to our Technical Sheet.

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Genome Sequencing

Our comprehensive one-step solution that detects almost all changes in a patient’s DNA by sequencing both the entire protein coding and the non-coding regions of the genome to deliver the highest diagnostic yield.

Rare Disease Panel

Our CentoCloud Rare Disease Panel covers conditions from several rare and hereditary disease areas. These include, but are not limited to treatable diseases, early onset childhood disorders, cardiac disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, skeletal abnormalities, and metabolic disorders.

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Hereditary Oncology Panel

Our targeted hereditary oncology panel for relevant hereditary tumor predisposition syndromes, including breast cancer, GI tumors, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, MEN1, MEN2, paragangliomas, and others.

All required Twist Alliance CNTG kits for CentoCloud Exome (WES) and our CentoCloud Hereditary Oncology and Rare Disease Panels are available now via our partner Twist Bioscience.

For other available library kits that can be used in combination with CentoCloud Genome (WGS) or CentoCloud Exome (WES), please refer to the CentoCloud Technical Sheet.

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