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PICoP Global

an international collaboration assessing neoepitopes for patient-specific vaccination in Colon and Pankreas Cancer

July 10, 2019
3 p.m. CEST

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PICoP Global

Are you interested in learning about our current study on developing personalized, immune-based therapy to trigger patients’ own immune responses against tumors?

Watch Dr. Peter Bauer, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at CENTOGENE, as he discusses ‘PICoP global’ – our recently launched two-year global study that may have a considerable impact on cancer immunotherapy and individualized treatment for patients via peptide-based immunization for Colon- and Pancreas-Carcinoma.

Webinar Content:

•    Colon and pancreas cancer in the developing countries
•    Cancer immune therapy
•    Neoepitopes as targets for patient-specific immune therapy
•    Molecular approaches to identify neoepitopes

Our Speaker

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Peter Bauer

Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D.

Chief Medical and Genomic Officer, CENTOGENE

Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D., serves as CENTOGENE’s Chief Medical and Genomic Officer, where […]

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