HPO – How 3 Letters Can Change a Life

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Let’s talk about Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) terms

Watch our on-demand webinar as CENTOGENE's Dr. Aida Bertolli-Avella, and Dr. Dragana Markovic share their insights into how HPO terms enable the genetic and medical community to transform patients’ clinical information into a high-quality format that ultimately has the power to significantly increase the diagnostic yield.

What Will You Learn About?

  • The impact of HPOs: Real-life examples
  • The highest quality of medical reporting

Our Speakers

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Dr. Aida Bertoli-Avella

Aida M. Bertoli-Avella, M.D., PhD

Head of Research Data Analysis, CENTOGENE

Aida graduated from the Institute of Medical Sciences, Santiago de Cuba. In 2004, she […]

Dr. Dragana Markovic

Vice Head Medical Evaluation Specialist

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