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Clinical Exome Sequencing Targets Genes Associated with All Known Clinical Phenotypes

January 26, 2018
3 p.m. CEST

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CentoWebinar – “Facing a Heterogeneous Phenotype – Which Panel Is the Right One To Choose?”

We would like to introduce you to the largest NGS Panel available at CENTOGENE - CentoDx Plus™. It includes ~ 6,700 clinically relevant genes, covering over 3,200 conditions using the minimum amount of samples in a short turnaround time. 

Watch our recorded webinar, “Clinical Exome Sequencing targets genes associated with all known clinical phenotypes to achieve high diagnostic accuracy” and find out how clinical utility meets patient affordability.

Webinar Content:

  • Knowing the underlying genetic cause of their disease is of the utmost importance to patients
  • Unmet needs of clinical partners and patients and where CentoDx Plus™ stands
  • Clinical superiority of CENTOGENE’s CentoDx Plus™
  • CENTOGENE’s experience with the success of CentoDx Plus™ up to now
  • Current approaches within clinical diagnostics and future trends

Our Speaker

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Shivendra Kishore

Dr. Kishore

Senior Vice President of Diagnostic Process Operations

Dr. Kishore serves as Senior Vice President of Diagnostic Process Operations, holding a […]

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