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Infertility Testing

If you are struggling to become pregnant then genetic testing can often identify the cause, and help a significant number of couples in their desire to have children.

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Answers and Support to Help You Find a Way Forward

Couples can spend years experiencing infertility without proper emotional support or treatment options. Identifying any cause of infertility allows personalized counseling from your doctor and informed management.

What Causes Infertility In Women and Men?

Infertility affects nearly 15% of couples wishing to conceive. A number of symptoms in either partner may be present, such as repeated miscarriage, irregular periods in women and low sperm count or poor sperm motility in men. The reasons for infertility may involve one or both partners and can be genetic or non-genetic in origin. About 10% of infertility cases are due to inherited factors and can be detected with genetic testing.

How Does Genetic Testing Help?

Trying to conceive can be stressful and a financial burden. For those couples that may have underlying fertility issues, delayed diagnosis and treatment will make this much worse. Genetic testing can reveal any underlying genetic factors and explain the cause of your infertility. Working with your doctor, you can then use the information to explore all the options available to help you conceive and get the support you need.

How Is It Tested?

The causes of infertility often involve more than one genetic factor; with only a small blood sample, testing of a large number of different genes is possible and can be performed quickly and easily. We have applied particular care and medical expertise in devising our infertility gene panels. We do this to ensure we cover all of the most common genetic causes of infertility. Full data analysis and recommendations will be prepared and provided to you by your doctor.

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What Do the Results Mean?

We place great emphasis on medical interpretation and counseling before reporting the results to your doctor. Upon testing, it could be that causes of infertility will be identified in you and your partner. Any result will be provided only to your doctor who will talk you through what any findings mean.

Some conditions are correctable, others are not, but it could be that you are able to conceive with assisted-conception techniques; the results may help indicate the best tailored options for you. Genetic testing may also indicate that you (and/or your partner) are unable to have a child. Although difficult, ultimately this knowledge can bring you peace of mind by avoiding any further pain and disappointment trying to conceive.

Consult Your Doctor

The information obtained from genetic testing can have a profound impact on your life. Prior to any genetic testing, we strongly recommend that you seek genetic counseling to understand more about which testing options might be beneficial for you and your family members. Genetic counseling is also recommended to help you understand your genetic test results and their implications for other family members.

At CENTOGENE, we only accept genetic tests ordered by a doctor on your behalf. As genetic testing and test results are complex, we want to ensure that you have access to full support to help you make informed decisions about genetic testing and your future healthcare.

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