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Using our unique dried blood spot (DBS) technology, we have simplified collecting and shipping patient samples all around the world.

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Simplifying the Logistics of Life-Saving Diagnostics

Sending biological samples across international borders is complex. We developed a cutting-edge filter card technology to grand high quality extraction for DNA, RNA, enzymes, and metabolic biomarker. This makes sending patient samples as easy as mailing a letter.

CentoCard Instructions

CentoCard Instructions

CENTOGENE’s Filter Card Solution: CentoCard is a Dried Blood Spot (DBS) technology for high-quality extraction of DNA, RNA, enzymes, and metabolic biomarkers. This makes sending patient samples as easy as mailing a letter.


Samples are stable once they dry and can be mailed directly to CENTOGENE by regular post in the pre-addressed envelope provided

CentoCard enables the stablisation for molecules in dried blood: DNA for years, enzymes and metabolites for month, and RNA for days

CentoCard allows any type of analysis: Genetic testing from single gene assay to whole genome sequencing, enzyme activity and biomaker measurement, as well as whole mRNA sequencing

How It Works*

Sending CentoCard

Samples should be sent to:

Am Strande 7
18055 Rostock

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Prepare the filter card

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Transfer the blood

CentoCard Dry the Sample

Dry the sample for two hours

centogene centocard complete sample icon

Package the filter card

CentoCard envelop sending

Send it to CENTOGENE

*Samples may be significantly impaired by improper handling or preparation that does not comply with the instructions for use i.e. usage of non-EDTA blood or non-freshly drawn blood for CentoCard® preparation and/or extended shipping times. For proper handling, please follow the CentoCard® Instruction for Use provided by CENTOGENE.

CENTOGENE's Filter Card Solution

CentoCard® – As Easy as Mailing a Letter

At CENTOGENE, we have leveraged our expertise to design a specialized, validated procedure to extract high-quality DNA from CentoCard. Using this unique approach, any genetic test can be performed – enabling us to analyze over 500,000 patients from over 120 countries with various genetic disorders.

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