Robustness of Comprehensive DNA- and RNA-Based Assays at Diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Using Blood and Bone Marrow Stored on Filter Cards

Leukemia (2016), 1 – 3

"Molecular analyses in hematologic malignancies gained considerable importance in the last decade at diagnosis and for minimal residual disease (MRD). This is driven by improvements of applicable techniques and the detection of many new genes to be involved. The need for a comprehensive investigation of the molecular biology in these diseases has to be addressed and is increasingly offered by specialized reference laboratories. Therefore, optimization of sample processing and of pre-analytic steps before shipment is utmost important. In our study, we performed a comparison of state-of-the-art cytogenetics, FISH and molecular diagnostic assays based on standard liquid peripheral blood or bone marrow samples and on diagnostic material stored on filter cards."

CENTOGENE has supported this study with CentoCard®, our unique and CE-labeled filtercards. Applying our dried-blood-spot (DBS) technology in leukemia has proven again the stability, robustness and superiority of CentoCard®


  • Prof. Thorsten Haferlach , PhD MD
  • Simone Weber
  • Rabea Konietschke
  • Niroshan Nadarajah
  • Anna Stengel , PhD
  • Wolfgang Kern , MD
  • Claudia Haferlach , MD
  • Manja Meggendorfer , PhD

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