In Vitro Enzyme Measurement

In Vitro Enzyme Measurement to Test Pharmacological Chaperone Responsiveness in Fabry and Pompe Disease.


 2017 Dec 20;(130). doi: 10.3791/56550.


The use of personalized medicine to treat rare monogenic diseases like lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) is challenged by complex clinical trial designs, high costs, and low patient numbers. Hundreds of mutant alleles are implicated in most of the LSDs. The diseases are typically classified into 2 to 3 different clinical types according to severity. Moreover, molecular characterization of the genotype can help predict clinical outcomes and inform patient care. Therefore, we developed a simple cell culture assay based on HEK293H cells heterologously over-expressing the mutations identified in Fabry and Pompe disease. A similar assay has recently been introduced as a preclinical test to identify amenable mutations for Pharmacological Chaperone Therapy (PCT) in Fabry disease. This manuscript describes an amended cell culture assay which enables rapid phenotypic assessment of allelic variants in Fabry and Pompe disease to identify eligible patients for PCT and may aid in the development of novel pharmacochaperones.