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Addressing the most significantly growing market of rare disease treatment and personalized medicine, by creating new solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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CENTOGENE unlocks the power of genetic insights to improve the quality of life of patients with genetic diseases. We are dedicated to transforming the science of genetic information into solutions and hope for patients and their families.

Medicine is undergoing a major transformation from a reactive to a preventative practice. The future will focus on integrated diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in individual patients.

We look to a future in which medicine will be predictive, preventive, particpatory and personlized.

CENTOGENE – your partner of choice

  • Leading global company in the diagnostics of rare hereditary disorders
  • Active in more than 115 countries
  • Receiving samples from more than 14,000 physicians
  • Global network in clinical studies (
  • Extensive track record in developing new biomarkers in the pharmaceutical setting, clinical trials and for the use in companion diagnostics

CENTOGENE – industry solution driven by

  • Tailored approach to targeted patient cohorts
  • Epidemiology insights
  • Understanding of the clinical picture of the disease
  • Patient progress monitoring
  • Better patient outcomes achievement
  • Rare disease awareness

Patient screening program

Raised awareness of a rare disease demands easy access to diagnostics with systematic screening programs, ensuring clinically oriented and fast analysis as well as providing patients with effective therapeutic options.

CENTOGENE offers an extensive patient screening program, including biochemical, genetic and biomarker testing, through a simplified logistics solution using:

  • CentoPortal®
  • CentoCard®

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Mutation database CentoMD®

CentoMD® is a holistic database that combines phenotype and genotype information gathered from consenting individuals who were referred to genetic testing in order to evaluate whether they are affected by or are carriers of mutations.

Every variant reported is linked to clinically described cases analyzed through a standardized and accredited workflow with certified quality.

  • Associated phenotypes ~3,300
  • Samples from > 115 countries
  • Fully curated cases ~155,000

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Biomarkers play an essential role in the diagnosis, prediction and therapeutic monitoring of patients.

Regular monitoring during each phase of treatment both for disease onset and progression provides measures of efficiency.

Biomarker technology is evidencing increased application in:

  • Disease diagnosis
  • Drug development
  • Effectiveness of treatment

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When you commit to clinical diagnostics, the results have to be fast and reliable. The entire knowledge from a global cohort of patients, systematically documented and curated in CentoMD®, allows us to provide the highest level of certainty to our patients and partners. We are looking forward into a future where education and awareness for genetic testing is key to providing the best diagnosis.

Prof. Arndt Rolfs

Chief Executive Officer

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