Strategic partnership with Mikrogen

Centogene GmbH, Germany and Mikrogen, Turkey, are pleased to announce a long-term strategic partnership. Rapidly advancing technologies are opening up a new era in prenatal diagnostics for rare hereditary disorders. Centogene, a worldwide leader in the diagnostics of rare hereditary disorders with the broadest test portfolio and Mikrogen with over 10 years of experience in preimplantation genetic screening/diagnosis (PGS/PGD), will combine forces.

Early diagnosis is a central tenet of personalized medicine. Centogene & Mikrogen together will bring cutting-edge genetic testing to patients all over Turkey. Both companies will provide medical education and support for clinicians in employing genetic testing for their patients, with Centogene’s expert medical team freely available to answer enquiries and providing answers within 1 working day. Patient education will also be an important focus, because personalized healthcare aims to involve the patient more and more in decisions related to their health.

Prof. Arndt Rolfs, CEO Centogene states: “We are thrilled to intensify this collaboration with education and awareness campaigns to support patients, physicians and healthcare systems in providing the best treatment”.

Prof. Volkan Baltacı, CEO Mikrogen states: We have been working with greater discipline and ambition than ever in our endeavour to serve mankind and science. This partnership will enable us to reach a greater mass.

Please find detailed information in our press release here.