Rare Disease Day Run 2015

Hand-over of the donation of the Rare Disease Day Run 2015 - Weekends off for families with chronically ill and handicapped children.

For several years now, the "Kindernetzwerk" has helped mothers who are caring for chronically ill and handicapped children or young adults to take a weekend off. Providing long-term care can be especially taxing, as noted by one mother: “I have not gotten a full night’s sleep in over 7 years.” As of September it is now also possible for fathers of these children to have a weekend free of care. These brief periods of no care responsibilities are meant to ease the burden, to help the family regenerate so that they can continue on with their daily lives. This type of offer is always fully booked for a long time in advance, and this high level demonstrates how important it is to continue our support. At our last Rare Disease Day we had a lot of donations and involvement thanks to all runners and volunteers, which has really helped these families to have break and then be able to deal better with the challenges of their difficult daily lives.