Mini-symposium at CENTOGENE: „Patient-individualized vaccination in cancer“

CENTOGENE, driving the diagnostic workflows and individualized therapeutic decisions not only in rare diseases but also in oncological setups is proud to host an inspiring meeting at the forefront of future therapeutic developments, a mini-symposium entitled „Patient-individualized vaccination in cancer“. Prof. Gustav Gaudernak, one of the leading scientists in the development of cancer vaccines and cancer immunotherapy, is delivering the key note at this meeting with international participation.

Cancer immune therapy has gathered tremendous interest since not only check-point inhibition therapy proved efficacy in a couple of cancer types with foremost poor prognosis. Moreover, even patient-individualized tumor therapy derived from molecular analysis of individual tumor signatures has entered the therapeutic stage. This new paradigm necessitates novel diagnostic approaches and setups within oncology teams to understand the advantages and challenges in personalized tumor therapy.

This symposium, taking place at the CENTOGENE`s headquarters in Rostock on June 4, 2018 addresses aspects of clinical research, individualized treatment approaches, the technological platform in patient diagnostics and monitoring as well as the workflows in drug production and application.