Collaboration with Genetic Associates

CENTOGENE GmbH (CENTOGENE) and Genetic Associates announce their strategic collaboration for the Australian/New Zealand market for offering high-end genetic diagnostics, driven by medical expertise.

Beyond utilizing existing knowledge to the benefit of all patients, CENTOGENE and Genetics Associates, the specialized division for genetic diagnostics of Biological Associates, commit to bring the best care possible to all Australian and New Zealand patients. Today there are still millions of patients suffering from wrongly or undiagnosed genetic diseases. Often, after months, years and many costly tests, patients and doctors find themselves back where they started – sometimes with a dramatic drawback in patients’ quality of life.

Both companies will provide medical education and support for clinicians in employing genetic testing for their patients, with CENTOGENE’s expert medical team freely available to answer enquiries.

Prof. Arndt Rolfs, CEO CENTOGENE, states: “We are thrilled to join forces with Biological Associates. Early and precise diagnosis is key to giving all affected patients the chance to get the best treatment and even more important, get access to personalized medicine”.

The synergy created by CENTOGENE’s global expertise in clinical diagnostics combined with Genetic Associates’ esteemed reputation in the local environment means together the delivery of more efficient advanced healthcare to patients in Australia and New Zealand. The partnership also focusses on increasing awareness and education about the benefits of genetic testing.