CENTOGENE transfers Canadian business to LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services

Centogene announces the transfer of its Canadian business to LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services ("LifeLabs"), the largest laboratory throughout Canada. Centogene will establish a state-of-the-art genetic laboratory in Ontario, enabling LifeLabs to become the leader with a genetics diagnostic center of excellence in Canada.  Genetic and genomic testing are the fastest growing segments in laboratory medicine and form the underlying basis for 'personalized medicine'. All of Centogene's testing services will continue uninterrupted for Centogene's Canadian clients. Over the coming months, Centogene's test portfolio will be transitioned from Germany to LifeLabs' laboratories in Canada, resulting in an improved level of service and faster turn-around times for Canadians. Centogene performs testing for a number of genetic centers across Canada.

"Based on Centogene’s leading mutation database, the internationally standardized ISO, CAP and CLIA accredited operations of genetic testing with cutting-edge technologies, we enable other laboratories to benefit from our leadership role. The corporate Canadian laboratory setting will be just the beginning. Besides capacious, medical-oriented genetic diagnostics for patients worldwide, the screening programs for pharmaceutical companies, the development of patented biomarkers as well as global laboratory cooperations with upfront, milestone and royalities payments broaden our business model and provides sufficient funds to aggressively expand our business even more." said Michael Schlenk, CEO of Centogene. "Working together with LifeLabs, we will be able to serve patients and providers in the best possible way - especially since both our companies share the same commitment to patient care, quality and innovation."

Please contact Michael Schlenk, Chief Executive Officer, by email for more information.

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