CENTOGENE announces start of operations in India

CENTOGENE is pleased to announce the start of its operations in India through its subsidiary, Centogene India Private Limited. Physicians and patients in India will be able to access advanced genetic testing for more than 1,700 disorders including prenatal diagnosis.

Prof. Arndt Rolfs, Chief Medical Director of CENTOGENE, states: “Through neurogenetic testing we can accurately diagnose a disorder even before symptoms appear. Access to trusted results can help your patients and their families make informed decisions and prepare for their future.”

Dr. Sunil Tadepalli, General Manager CENTOGENE India, said: "Genetic disorders are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in India. With about 28 million births a year, the burden of genetic disorders is significant and increasingly being recognized as a problem that needs a concerted and sustained effort by the medical community. The presence of CENTOGENE in India ensures that patients with rare diseases can get access to the best medical care worldwide."

Contact details:

Dr. Sunil Tadepalli
General Manager
Centogene India Private Limited
107 Wegman's Business Park
Knowledge Park III
Greater NOIDA - 201308
Uttar Pradesh, India
Tel: +91-85273-17888
Email: india@centogene.com