Rare Diseases in the XXI Century

24 Feb, 2023 Onsite & Online Lublin, Poland

Meet us at the 6th National Scientific Conference "Rare Diseases in the 21st Century" in Lublin, Poland. The aim of the conference is to exchange knowledge and present the latest scientific achievements in the field of diagnostics, therapy, and care for patients affected by rare diseases.

In Poland, rare diseases are officially defined as diseases that occur in no more than 5 in 10,000 people. While each individual disease may affect a relatively small number of patients, there are over 7,000 rare diseases which affect over 350 million rare disease patients worldwide.

Only a comprehensive approach and interdisciplinary activities will make it possible to deliver life-changing answers. Therefore, the conference targets medical science specialists, doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, geneticists, molecular biologists, laboratory diagnosticians, biomedical engineers, and enzymologists, as well as technologists, lawyers, psychologists, educators, and public health specialists to participate.

Together, we can deliver life-changing answers to rare disease patients in Poland and around the world!



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Bartosza Głowackiego 35, Lublin

Lublin 20-056

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Marcin Kaleba