Sending Biological Samples for Genetic Testing Across Country Borders Is a Complex Procedure

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Sending biological samples for genetic testing across country borders is a complex procedure; complicated packaging is necessary to ensure safe handling of the samples during transport, adherence to international packaging standards which can increase shipping costs, requirement of biohazard labeling which can complicate customs, and extra administrative burden to comply with the multiple safety regulations across many countries.


CENTOGENE Has Developed an Easy and Simple Way for Sending Your Patients' Samples to Us:

CentoCard® , the simpler way to deliver biological samples is as easy as mailing a postcard. This makes genetic, enzymatic and biomarker testing available around the world using CENTOGENE´s unique and validated procedure to extract high-quality DNA, enzymes, and biomarkers.

CENTOGENE's filtercard technology

Why not just mail patient's samples without any special handling?

We offer a unique, validated procedure to extract high-quality DNA from CentoCard® to perform any genetic test. So far over 1,000,000 samples have been analyzed for various genetic disorders at CENTOGENE, from over 115 countries.

CentoCard® is easy to prepare, ship, and is cost-effective and hassle-free.

CentoCard® is easy to handle: samples are stable once they dry and can be mailed directly to CENTOGENE by regular post in the pre-addressed envelope provided

Samples collected on CentoCard® are no longer time- or temperature-sensitive, nor are they considered biohazardous. They can be mailed via regular post without any special declaration

CentoCard® is usable for every analysis and testing method

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