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  1. Multiomics and Biomarkers in Rare Diseases Supporting Development and Commercialization of Orphan Drugs

Multiomics and Biomarkers in Rare Diseases Supporting Development and Commercialization of Orphan Drugs

Orphan drugs have gained increased attention in recent years from patients, drug developers, and investors. However, developing therapeutic options for patients affected by rare genetic diseases is challenging- incorporating additional dimensions of understanding the disease beyond genotype and phenotype is critical for success.
Join our webinar on May 27, as we team up with Pink Sheet, the world’s premier news source for biopharma regulations, to discuss innovative methods to tackle the challenges of orphan drugs in early stage development, clinical trial enrollment, and market development.

Throughout the webinar, our speakers will share case studies of solutions in our collaborative fight to improve outcomes for patients and their families.

Questions and discussion are more than welcome throughout the webinar.

Key Topics:

  • An integrated approach to target discovery & validation
  • Rapid biomarker development for the identification, recruitment & stratification of patients in clinical studies
  • The best tools to monitor treatment efficacy & improve health economic outcome
  • Accurate, cost-effective approaches to screening high-risk populations

    Date & Time:

    Wednesday, 27 May 2020

    @12.00 p.m. EDT

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    Our speakers

    Oved Amitay, Chief Business Officer

    Oved serves as CENTOGENE’s Chief Business Officer, where he has the overall responsibility for the company´s pharmaceutical industry programs, including enhancing existing partnerships and establishing new collaborations to facilitate drug development and improve treatment outcomes...

    ...Oved joined CENTOGENE from Arrett Neuroscience, where he held the position of President and Chief Operating Officer – leading the company’s strategy for developing therapies for Rett syndrome.

    Prior to that, he served as Vice President & Head of Commercial at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, with a lead role in the organization’s transition from a technology platform focus to a patient-centric drug development and pre-launch enterprise. He is also a Founding Advisor of Splisense Therapeutics (Israel). Oved holds a M.Sc. in Pharmacology from Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and a B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel).

    Justin Bingham, Vice President Business Development

    Justin, as Senior Vice President of Business Development at CENTOGENE, leads a global team in developing the company’s pharmaceutical partnership strategy with the goal of maximizing value through accelerating and de-risking orphan drug programs for rare genetic diseases...

    ...Prior to CENTOGENE, Justin was the Director of Business Development at Synthetic Genomics, Inc (SGI) and responsible for pharma and life science partnerships and collaborations. He draws from more than 10 years as a cell biologist, having worked in preclinical drug discovery.

    His broad experience as a scientist and in scaling life science and biotechnology companies to meet the demands of their partners provides a unique perspective and helps CENTOGENE to build further value as a company.

    Dr. Peter Bauer, Chief Genomic Officer

    Prof. Peter Bauer, MD, serves as CENTOGENE’s Chief Genomic Officer, where he combines clinical and medical understanding in genetic testing with an excellent knowledge of the latest scientific development, based on his extraordinary experience, especially in high-throughput genetic testing using next-generation sequencing...

    ... Prof. Bauer received his board certification in Human Genetics in 2006 and headed the molecular diagnostic laboratory at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics at the University Hospital Tübingen. Additionally, he is Vice President of the German Society of Neurogenetics (DGNG). Peter has authored more than 140 publications in neurogenetics, oncogenetics, cardiogenetics, and sequencing technology.