Mutation database CentoMD®

CentoMD® 5.0 is transforming the future of medicine. Revealing the cause of a genetic disease has an immediate impact on a patient; using all the available information allows physicians to diagnose and treat hereditary diseases in a much more efficient, timely and targeted manner.

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  1. Mutation database CentoMD®

Finding the missing pieces of information with CentoMD®

CentoMD® 5.0 provides not only the largest unique repository of genetic variants from a worldwide cohort of patients, but also a systematic and peer-documented combination of all identified variants with clinical data. The daily work of hundreds of thousands of physicians and researchers worldwide can be enhanced with a simple click.

CentoMD® vs. other databases

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Expert medical consultation

Advanced logistical solutions from sample sending to report administration

CentoMD® global genotype-phenotype database for rare diseases

Shortest turnaround time and fast reporting

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CentoMD® contains unique clinically relevant variant information

CentoMD® includes a significant number of unpublished relevant variants from a worldwide cohort of patients.

It is continuously updated with actual information on identified genetic variants, providing the medical community with detailed, nearly real-time analysis on the overall frequency and clinical significance of the most recently observed genetic variants and mutations.


Analyzed cases


Associated phenotypes


Identified alleles


Unique variants

CentoMD® 5.0 features bridge the gap between genetic variants and clinical interpretation

  • Advanced genotype-phenotype and phenotype-genotype modules: now with access to more than 6.7 million unique variants. Besides variant-based queries, you are able to perform symptoms-based queries based on Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), which return potential candidate genes and associated variants underlying the symptoms of interest.
  • Annotation of genetic variants contained in a vcf file: you can upload a batch of variants included in a VCF file and in turn retrieve clinical significance for the variants detected in individual all at once.
  • An interactive search interface: you are given the flexibility to perform search, sort, filter, and data export functions, all with a simple click.
  • Data export functions: you can export data into a read-only Excel file.

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