Mutation database CentoMD®

CentoMD® 4.2 is transforming the future of medicine. Revealing the cause of a genetic disease has an immediate impact on a patient; using all the available information allows physicians to diagnose and treat hereditary diseases in a much more efficient, timely and targeted manner.

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  1. Mutation Database CentoMD®

Finding the missing pieces of information with CentoMD®

CentoMD® 4.2 provides not only the largest unique repository of genetic variants from a worldwide cohort of patients, but also a systematic and peer-documented combination of all identified variants with clinical data. The daily work of hundreds of thousands of physicians and researchers worldwide can be enhanced with a simple click.

CentoMD® vs. other databases

Why choose CENTOGENE?

Expert medical consultation

Advanced logistical solutions from sample sending to report administration

CentoMD® global genotype-phenotype database for rare diseases

Shortest turnaround time and fast reporting

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CentoMD® contains unique clinically relevant variant information

CentoMD® includes a significant number of unpublished relevant variants from a worldwide cohort of patients.

It is continuously updated with actual information on identified genetic variants, providing the medical community with detailed, nearly real-time analysis on the overall frequency and clinical significance of the most recently observed genetic variants and mutations.


Analyzed cases


Associated phenotypes


Identified alleles


Unique variants

Advanced genotype to phenotype and phenotype to genotype modules

Besides variant-based queries, CentoMD® 4.2 mutation database enables symptoms-based queries based on Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), returning potential candidate genes and associated variants underlying the symptoms of interest.

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