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What Is CentoCloud?

CentoCloud is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform specifically designed for human genetic laboratories to support the execution of high-standard Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based diagnostics. The fully automated bioinformatics pipeline analyzes NGS data based on CENTOGENE's validated testing products, annotated with data from our proprietary rare disease-centric Bio/Databank.

CentoCloud Workflow

The CentoCloud Collaboration Model

With CentoCloud, we enable laboratories around the world to establish and run state-of-the-art genomic testing and deliver best diagnostic insights to local patients. Our services include the transfer of our expert knowledge and protocols to those just starting out with NGS operations, clinical bioinformatics, and variant annotation from FASTQ files, all the way to medical interpretation and reporting.

Superior Panel/Assay Design

Validated and driven by CENTOGENE’s medical expertise and IP in clinical diagnostics

Unique Variant Coverage

Based on proprietary variants, including the world’s largest variety of rare disease patient cohorts, as well as public databases

Best Diagnostic Reliability

End-to-end validated gene panels and fully curated variants - powering the highest standards of CAP/CLIA requirements

Highest Sensitivity

Proprietary designed panels, including copy number analysis, to deliver the best performance

Workstation Setup & Validation

Support with QM and accreditation on request

Ready-To-Use Protocols

Curated based on CENTOGENE’s more than 15 years of diagnostic experience

Training in NGS Wet Lab

Training programs available at CENTOGENE's Rostock headquarters or on-site at your laboratory

Competency Testing

Ensure best practice learning through a competency certificate after training and validation

Fully-Automated Bioinformatics Solution

Highly automated bioinformatics pipeline for accelerated diagnostics

  • Accepts raw sequencing data from Illumina sequencing technology in FASTQ format

  • Alignment to genomic reference sequence

  • Variant calling, copy number analysis, and annotation with public databases

Bio/Databank Annotation

Provide filtered variant list with Bio/Databank annotation (genotype–phenotype database for rare diseases)

  • >600,000 analyzed cases; >120 countries worldwide

  • >3,500 associated phenotypes; 14,000 HPO terms; and >600,000 individuals-HPO associations

  • >31,000,000 unique variants with HPO related phenotypes; 59% unpublished


Clinical evidence comprehensively curated and medical interpretation provided by medical experts


Receive a clear diagnostic statement and follow-up recommendations from our board-certified human genetic experts


Identified variants are classified following international guidelines (CMGS/ACMG)


Relevant publications provided as supporting resources

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