CENTOGENE Webinar CentoTalk Reproductive Genetics Pregnancy

Reproductive Health and Prenatal Genetic Testing

April 27, 2021
3 p.m. CEST

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"Reproductive Health and Prenatal Genetic Testing"

Throughout the CentoTalk, Clarice Loh provides a detailed overview of CENTOGENE’s prenatal screening options and how prenatal testing plays an essential role in facilitating early answers when they’re needed most.

Key Topics:

  • Clinical Indication and Genetic Testing in Prenatal Cases
  • CentoScreen®, CentoNIPT®, Microarray Testing
  • CentoXome® (WES) & CentoGenome® (WGS)
  • Repeat Expansion Diseases

Our Speaker

CENTOGENE Webinar Speaker Clarice Ioh

Clarice Loh

Clinical Genetic Liaison, CENTOGENE

Clarice is a Clinical Genetic Liaison at CENTOGENE – serving the APAC region with […]

CENTOGENE Webinar CentoTalk Reproductive Genetics Pregnancy

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