About Us

CENTOGENE is one of the largest genetic biotech companies in rare hereditary diseases, and one of the global leaders in genetic diagnostic analyses of rare inherited disorders.

  1. About Us


CENTOGENE is a rare disease company focused on transforming clinical, genetic, and biochemical data into medical solutions for Patients. With headquarters in Rostock, Germany and further operations in Berlin, Germany as well as Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, CENTOGENE is dedicated to transforming the science of genetic information into solutions and hope for patients with rare diseases and their families.

CENTOGENE provides the full spectrum of modern methods and technology for human genetics analysis; it is active in research and is constantly developing new and innovative products for human genetics.

We are committed to un-rare rare diseases by using our worldwide knowledge in the rare disease market, understanding the epidemiology, analyzing clinical heterogeneity of the more than 3800 diseases and developing innovative biomarkers. Based on this knowledge we are bringing rationality to treatment decisions and, thereby, accelerate the development of new orphan drugs.

Our Competence

We are accelerating the development of orphan drugs

We are a globally active IT based, knowledge generating biotechnology company in orphan diseases

We are committed to ’unrare’ rare diseases by using our worldwide knowledge in the rare disease market

We have developed a multiomic- technology platform combining genomics, proteomics and metabolomics