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Oncogenetics in the Clinical Practice

Oliver Brandau, MD
October 27, 2016

If you can´t see the webinar on Youtube, click here to watch it.

The correct profiling of mutations in cancer genes represents a fundamental step in the diagnosis and treatment of these malignancies. Certain mutations result in increased risk for hereditary cancer, and lead to development of breast, ovarian, colon, gastric, renal or other cancers.

In this webinar you will learn the last insights in oncogenetics testing and how CENTOGENE gene panels can support you to assess the risk of a patient to develop an inherited cancer.

Webinar content:

  • Introduction to oncogenetics
  • Oncogenetic testing at CENTOGENE
  • CentoCancer™ & CentoBreast®

Our speaker

Dr. Oliver Brandau joined CENTOGENE in March 2015. He studied medicine and graduated at the Free University Berlin. He gained ample experience in human genetics at the human genetics department of the LMU Munich and the Medical University of Vienna.