1. The largest mutation database of rare diseases

The largest mutation database of rare diseases

Gabriela-Elena Oprea, PhD
June 27, 2016

CentoMD® features a comprehensive and unique repository of genetic variants including a significant number of unpublished relevant variants from a worldwide cohort of patients.

In this webinar, Dr. Oprea will demonstrate CentoMD® features and how using this unique database can help you to increase your diagnostic rates. During the webinar, you will learn how CentoMD® 3.0 will become your simple five-step solution, where you easily can search, filter, select, explore and download genes, transcripts and variants and ending with a comprehensive genetic summary including all associated data tailored to your needs. 

Dr. Oprea has over 13 years of experience in human and molecular genetics, with a PhD degree in natural sciences from University of Cologne, Germany. She joined CENTOGENE in 2012 and as CentoMD® project manager she is responsible for the product design, development, and data quality. Gabriela leads in parallel the curation team, comprising biologists, bioinformaticians and software developers.