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Whole Genome Sequencing – CentoGenome®

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides the most comprehensive genetic testing available for the detection of rare diseases. It identifies more different types of DNA sequence variation and offers greater sensitivity than any other technology available. It is the superior way to diagnose genetically complex and undiagnosed diseases with the highest level of certainty.

Articles on Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Collaborative Discovery of Gene-Disease Associations

    The delineation of novel genetic disorders is facilitated by the formation of global research consortia. By actively contributing to collaborative efforts, CENTOGENE has supported dozens of gene-disease discovery projects over the past years. One such example was recently published in Genetics in…

  • Sharing Diagnostic Insights to Support Rare Disease Patients

    Defining a disorder’s complete clinical spectrum requires a detailed description of large numbers of patients. To help advance the understanding of rare diseases, CENTOGENE is committed to leveraging its extensive Bio/Databank and sharing its diagnostic insights within the scientific community. A…

  • Modifiers of Genetic Disease

    Therapeutic strategies for monogenic diseases may be derived from the identification and understanding of disease-modifying factors. Researchers at CENTOGENE have been applying this rather novel approach, including in collaborative settings with academic colleagues from institutions around the…

  • A Novel Genetic Cause for Autoinflammation

    Genetic inflammatory disorders are quite rare, particularly those presenting with a pathological increase, rather than decrease, of inflammatory activity. A global consortium, of which CENTOGENE was a part of, recently identified a novel autoinflammatory disorder that primarily affects the nervous…

  • Globally Rare – Locally Common

    Genetic diseases that are generally rare may still have a high prevalence in certain geographic regions. As a major diagnostic partner for physicians in certain countries, CENTOGENE has been able to systematically investigate patient cases based on highly uniform data sets. A corresponding study…