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Articles tagged with Velaglucerase alfa

  • Rapid Intravenous Enzyme Infusion

    In the latest issue of American Journal of Hematology, we have published results of recent collaborative study on development of enzyme replacement therapies in Gaucher disease type 1. Together with colleagues from University Rostock, Israel and Australia, we tested effects of rapid intravenous…

  • Reductions in Glucosylsphingosine

    Gaucher disease (GD), an autosomal recessive lipid storage disorder, arises from mutations in the GBA1 (β-glucocerebrosidase) gene, resulting in glucosylceramide accumulation in tissue macrophages. Lyso-Gb1 (glucosylsphingosine,lyso-GL1), a downstream metabolic product of glucosylceramide, has been…