1. NGS and Beyond: Pioneering the New Genome-Based Panel Generation

NGS and Beyond: Pioneering the New Genome-Based Panel Generation

Shivendra Kishore, PhD
May 15, 2017

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NGS and beyond: Pioneering the new genome-based panel generation

Tired of spending money and time on testing only to receive negative results? Join this webinar to discover a complete and unique test with increased diagnostic accuracy and significant time and cost savings.

Webinar content:

  • Introduction to NGS panels
  • Choosing the right genetic test
  • Features of a good NGS panel
  • The new NGS Panel Genomic
  • Clinical case examples

Most clinicians today feel comfortable using NGS panels as a diagnostic tool for their patients.

However, the risk of negative results remains, as there is no guarantee that the right phenotypic panel with the right composition of genes was chosen, especially for cases with a complex phenotype. Currently, negative NGS panel results lead to further genetic testing by microarray (aCGH) or exome sequencing (WES) resulting in a significant increase in cost and time to diagnosis for the patient. And yet, a large part of the genome remains unsequenced and the patient might stay undiagnosed.

What if we could use a panel that comes at the price of an NGS panel with the diagnostic accuracy of whole genome sequencing (WGS)?

Our speaker

Dr. Shivendra Kishore serves as SVP Diagnostic Processes. He has a multi-disciplinary background that combines biochemical engineering, academic research and healthcare consulting and worked in several countries across the world, including India, Germany, USA and Switzerland.