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Complete Oncogenetic Workflow

Dr. Peter Bauer, MD
October 26, 2017

CentoCloud® Oncology – a complete oncogenetic workflow in your hands

If you can´t see the webinar on Youtube, click here to watch it.

Looking for a one-stop-solution for your laboratory? Join this webinar to learn more about our CentoCloud® for diagnostic NGS panels, clinical bioinformatics & medical interpretation in the oncogenetic workflow.

CentoCloud® is a service specifically designed for human genetic laboratories to support the execution of high-quality Next-Generation sequencing diagnostics. The fully automated, validated bioinformatics pipeline analyzes pre-produced NGS data based on validated gene panel kits, annotated with data from our proprietary mutation database (CentoMD®).

Is your laboratory dealing with hereditary cancer syndromes? Do you want to find out more about our panel option CentoCloud® Oncology?

Webinar content:

  • Introduction to CentoCloud®
  • Why this one-stop-solution makes a difference
  • Find out more about the CentoCloud® Oncology panel
  • When is CentoCloud® right for your lab?

Our speaker

Prof. Peter Bauer, MD received his board certification in Human Genetics in 2006 and headed the molecular diagnostic laboratory at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics at the University Hospital Tübingen. Moreover, he is Vice President of the German Society of Neurogenetics (DGNG). Peter has authored more than 140 publications in neurogenetics, oncogenetics, cardiogenetics and sequencing technology and is leading author of the ‘Guidelines for diagnostic next-generation sequencing’ (Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 2016). Furthermore Peter serves as CSO at CENTOGENE GmbH combining clinical and medical understanding in genetic testing with an excellent knowledge of the latest scientific developments.