1. Case statistics 2016

Case statistics 2016

January 01, 2016

Statistics on confirmed cases/carriers up to June 2016

We are pleased to present our analysis from January 2012 to June 2016 of diagnosed cases. In that period, Centogene has confirmed more than 21,077 cases.

Centogene’s American and European accreditations (CAP, CLIA and ISO) confirm our highest quality standards for diagnostic testing and medical reporting.

Elucidating the basis for the link between the clinical phenotype and genotype correlation, and the factors contributing to reveal disease frequency, provide new insights into the genetics, pathophysiology and therapeutic options available for rare diseases. Analyzing samples from over 100 countries worldwide allows us to understand ethnic differences that are important for a comprehensive test interpretation. At CENTOGENE we are committed to helping you with your medical needs.

With the help of our unique, multi-ethnic CENTOGENE mutation database CentoMD® we significantly improve the interpretation of the biological consequence of unknown variants, speed up the diagnostic approach and offer you a sophisticated service for differential diagnostic approaches.