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CENTOGENE’s devotion to reducing the impact of rare diseases extends far beyond cutting-edge diagnostic into the realms of fundamental research – we aim to enhance knowledge and find solutions.  

  1. Genetic Insights

Genetic insights

  • Understanding the epidemiology and related mutation types that can cause ophthalmological diseases

    Understanding the epidemiology as well as the related mutation types that can cause ophthalmological diseases is of greatest benefit to support and help affected patients. Dr. Ashish Gupta, MD, Medical Geneticist and Consultant for CENTOGENE, showed in different case studies the effectiveness of…

  • Case statistics 2016

    We are pleased to present our analysis from January 2012 to June 2016 of diagnosed cases. In that period, Centogene has confirmed more than 21,077 cases.

  • Genetic insights metabolics

    Recent years have shown a growing appreciation for the view that understanding the pathogenesis of such complex diseases holds the key to successful treatment. The medical goals of both epidemiological studies and genetic analysis are to improve risk prediction and to uncover causality.

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