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Identifying Highly Specialized Cohorts with CentoPharma®

The CentoPharma® platform provides intelligent access to our comprehensive data repository that combines phenotype, genotype and biochemistry information with epidemiological data and clinical information from a global cohort originating from more than 120 countries. 

Dynamic search criteria enable the targeted compilation of individual customized cohorts based on desired geographical region, phenotype, genotype, and suspected or confirmed diagnosis.


CentoPharma®, a platform for targeted cohort identification

CentoMD®, the world’s largest mutation database of rare diseases

A large Bio/Databank for targeted research

Our global clinical network

CentoPharma® is powered by CentoMD®, the world’s largest mutation database of rare diseases

CentoMD® is a unique repository of genetic, biochemical and clinical information from over 465,000 consented and curated individuals, including information for more than 3,900 diseases with over 8,900 HPO (Human Phenotype Ontology) terms and over 225,000 individuals linked to HPO term(s).


HPO terms


Individuals linked to HPO terms


Analyzed patients


Unique variants

CentoPharma® is your tailor-made solution for faster R&D pipelines

  • With CentoPharma® users can generate customized datasets ideal for research and drug development.
  • CentoPharma® is powered by CentoMD®, a comprehensive database including data from more than 465,000 individuals located in over 120 countries.
  • Request a quote tailored to the precise information needed.

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Frequently asked questions

CentoPharma® provides de-identified data for individuals who were referred for genetic or biochemical testing to CENTOGENE by their physicians to evaluate whether they are affected by or are carriers of rare hereditary diseases. CentoPharma® is powered by CentoMD®, a database that combines phenotype, genotype and biochemistry information from a patient cohort analyzed at CENTOGENE through a fully compliant workflow meeting the highest level of accredited quality. CentoPharma® provides a simple to use search function to assist users in identifying cohorts fitting precise, customizable criteria. Please see the Handbook for a comprehensive description of the data provided by CentoPharma®.

Curation is the process of collection, association, and review of genetic, phenotypic and biochemical data for individuals analyzed at CENTOGENE into a structured and standardized format. Utilizing a combination of computer-based tools and manual review the accuracy of the data and the efficiency of the curation process is assured. To provide high-quality data, the curation process at CENTOGENE involves a three-step procedure described in the Handbook and available for download.

A detailed user guide provides instructions for the proper use of CentoPharma®, including how to signup, how to manage your account, and how to query information.

CENTOGENE will provide quarterly releases of an updated CentoPharma®.

Yes, all of your submitted searches are stored in your user profile. Under the header “My Requests” you can find a list of all submitted searches with the search criteria entered.

If you wish to reference CentoPharma®, it is important to include the current release number because the annotation class of the variant you are referring to may change over time due to additional evidence. The release number allows you to distinguish between previous and current versions of CentoPharma®.

Please refer to CentoPharma® in the following way:

CENTOGENE GmbH’s cohort identification platform, CentoPharma® 2.1. CENTOGENE GmbH, Rostock, Germany, {date}. World Wide Web URL:

CentoPharma® offers comprehensive user support to answer questions regarding the scientific content of CentoPharma®, your individual contract, as well as IT-related issues. User support is available via email or telephone. 

Email: support.centopharma(at)centogene(dot)com 

CentoPharma® has been tested to work with the latest versions of all major browsers (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox) that support HTML5. Previous versions of these browsers from the last two years should also work as expected.

CentoPharma® requires browsers to allow a cookie (a small piece of data) to be stored on your system. If you see an error message asking you to enable cookies for this website, please change your browser settings to allow this for CentoPharma® or ask your administrator for help.

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