CentoCard® – simplify your logistics

Dried blood spot (DBS) cards for patient sample collection and shipment

The simplest way to ship biological samples – as easy as mailing a postcard – making genetic testing available anywhere in the world.

  1. Filtercard – CentoCard®

CentoCard® – our proprietary filtercard to simplify your logistics

Sending biological samples for genetic testing from one country to another is a complex procedure: complex packaging and cooling is needed to ensure that the sample will not break during transport or is destroyed; international packing standards, which increase shipping costs, must be adhered to; biohazard labeling is required; and time consuming paperwork is needed to comply with the multiple safety regulations of various countries.

CENTOGENE has developed a simple way for sending your patients´ samples:

CentoCard®, the simpler way to deliver biological samples, is as easy as mailing a postcard. This makes genetic, enzymatic and biomarker testing available around the world using CENTOGENE's unique and validated procedure to extract high-quality DNA, enzymes and biomarkers. So far over 1,000,000 samples have been analyzed for various genetic disorders at CENTOGENE.

Mail patient´s samples without special handling

CentoCard® is easy to handle: samples are stable once they dry and can be mailed directly by regular post

Samples collected on CentoCard® are not sensitive over time or to temperature, nor are they considered biohazardous

CentoCard® is usable for every analysis and testing method, including whole exome and whole genome sequencing

CentoCard® is easy to prepare, to ship, is cost-effective and hassle-free

Prepare the filtercard

Transfer the blood

Complete the sample

Dry the sample for two hours

Send it to CENTOGENE

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Watch the educational movie to see how CentoCard® is handled correctly

Downloads for CentoCard® - filtercard kits

CentoPortal® – your solution for smarter diagnostics

Manage your genetic testing online supported by CentoCard® with CentoPortal®, CENTOGENE´s unique online ordering portal.

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