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The user-friendly, online ordering and tracking portal designed to assist you at every step of processing your patients’ samples

From online ordering and sample submission through to receipt of the final medical report, CentoPortal® is designed to save time and reduce overall workload.

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  1. Online portal CentoPortal®

CentoPortal® – CENTOGENE's unique online ordering portal

Are you searching for an easy option to request a genetic, biochemical or biomarker analysis without trying to navigate through already full inboxes? Do you want to be able to keep track of the sample progress and to manage diagnostics reports?

CentoPortal® is CENTOGENE's unique online ordering portal that is designed to assist you administer patients' samples and diagnostic reports 24/7.

CentoPortal® allows you to:

  • Create an account instantly
  • Order a test in a few easy steps
  • Sign the patient consent online
  • Obtain an overview of your patients and analyses done
  • Track your samples
  • Download your patients’ medical report with the highest data protection and privacy standards
  • Improve the quality of clinical data in a structured/unified way

Just follow these easy steps:

Go to
and log in

Select patient and test and sign the patient consent online

Send the sample to:
CENTOGENE AG, Schillingallee 68
18057 Rostock, Germany

Track the sample status
and download the
final medical report

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