World Orphan Drug Congress

World Orphan Drug Congress USA focuses on the most pressing challenges and opportunities to bring rare disease therapies to patients faster.

A global gathering of 1,500 leaders in orphan drugs from 50 countries online. World Orphan Drug Congress USA will feature over 260 presentations covering all aspects of orphan drug development and rare disease research.

Join CENTOGENE at our digital booth on the WODC platform and gain insights from the world leaders in rare hereditary diseases.

CENTOGENE Presentation

Diagnosis Track


Prof. Peter Bauer, CENTOGENE Chief Genomic Officer

Presentation Overview

The Role of Biomarkers in the Diagnosis of Rare Hereditary Diseases

Join Prof. Peter Bauer as he dives into the challenges of diagnosing rare genetic diseases and how multiomic biomarkers can help you overcome these obstacles. Sharing the characteristics, diagnostic advantages, and clinical applications of biomarkers, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss as we work together to end patients’ diagnostic odyssey.


25 August 2020 at 8:50 a.m. EST



Presentation Accessibility: 25 August – 25 September

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