NSGC Virtual Annual Conference

The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Annual Conference showcases advancements in the field of genetic counseling – providing a platform for education, development, and collaboration. By attending one of the largest conferences of its kind, participants will gain knowledge of clinical and scientific best practices and insights into emerging research. 

Join CENTOGENE at our digital booth on the NSGC platform and gain insights from the leading data-driven rare disease company.

CENTOGENE Industry Symposia:

Diagnose. Understand. Treat.

Delivering Rapid and Reliable Diagnostics to Accelerate Targeted Medical Solutions

Date: September 25, 2021

Time: 8:15 – 8:45 a.m. CT / 3:15 – 3:45 p.m. CEST

Available on demand until November 30, 2021

Speaker: Prof. Peter Bauer, M.D., Chief Genomic Officer at CENTOGENE  

Where:<link https: nsgc.us2.pathable.com meetings virtual kudfo2fbmdtyszdvc external-link-new-window external link in new> NSGC Virtual Platform (Under the “Schedule” tab, click on the “Agenda,” where you will find an overview of presentations, including CENTOGENE’s) 

Please note that attending NSGC Virtual Conference requires registration. For further information, please visit: <link https: www.nsgc.org conference external-link-new-window external link in new>www.nsgc.org/conference

Want to know more about CENTOGENE?

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