International Gaucher Day at CENTOGENE

Since 2014, International Gaucher Day (IGD) has been held annually on the first of October. Bringing together physicians, patient organizations, researchers, medical companies, and of course, Gaucher patients from around the world, IGD raises awareness and brings support to the Gaucher Community.


Gaucher doesn’t just affect those living with the disease, but their friends, family, and the people they interact with every day. The love and support of the community is what makes it strong. Here at CENTOGENE we want to shine a spotlight on you and the incredible people in the community and showcase your stories.

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We are also hosting an art contest! We want to see your unique creativity to show the world who you are. Submit your artwork to us, and we will present it on this website for the public to vote! Then show it off by tagging us on social media, and use the hashtag #WEAREGAUCHER.

What Does Gaucher Mean to You – Tell Us Your Story

Gaucher looks different for everyone, and we would love to hear what Gaucher means to you. Simply record a video of yourself telling your story (it doesn’t need to be long – 30 to 60 seconds is great!), and share it with us. We think it’s important that the world hears what you have to say. To do this, please upload it via the submission form.

#WEAREGAUCHER Digital Conference

Watch the #WEAREGAUCHER Digital Conference on demand to hear from leading experts from around the world and learn what Gaucher really means from patients firsthand. While International Gaucher Day 2020 may now be over, this is truly just the beginning. We invite you to continue to raise awareness, drive progress, and accelerate life-changing solutions! Together, we can transform healthcare for Gaucher disease patients!

#WEAREGAUCHER Webinar Series

Watch the latest insights into Gaucher disease from many experts around the globe!

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