Enabling The Cure of 100 Rare Diseases in 10 Years

CENTOGENE is the unique and essential partner for patients, physicians, and biopharma, from diagnostics to discovery to clinical development to market access & expansion in rare, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases.


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Working together with our patients, physicians, and partners to diagnose, understand, and treat rare, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Our clinical decision support platform is handled with the greatest level of care and in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. Discover more about our CE-marked CentoCloud bioinformatic analysis for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) laboratories around the world.

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To create a map, we integrate omic data from patients with the same disease to form an atlas representing a comprehensive collection of unique and detailed clinical and biochemical information about each rare disease.

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Understanding the details of disease pathways – faulty genes and how they affect associated proteins, and how that leads to specific symptoms – can provide our pharmaceutical partners with valuable clues on how best to research treatments, by developing a drug to target specific molecules along disease pathways for example.

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The combination of omic technologies can identify drugs and drug targets with greater certainty, reducing the risk of failure and making drug development for rare diseases more financially attractive to pharma. Our goal: to enable the cure of 100 diseases in 10 years.

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Interim CFO Miguel Coego Rios appointed as Managing Director and permanent CFO. Centogene N.V. today announced the appointment of Miguel Coego Rios as…

Centogene N.V. today announced the voting results of the Company’s Annual General Meeting. Shareholders voted in favor of all proposals, which…

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