A Targeted Approach for Testing Genetic Disorders

Our NGS panels portfolio tests for a wide selection of hereditary genetic conditions. They offer a fast, thorough, and cost-effective diagnostic tool for patients with distinctive clinical features.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Panels

By streamlining our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Panels to reflect the fast-growing knowledge of complex gene-disease associations, CENTOGENE’s NGS Panels represent start-of-the-art research – providing fast, thorough, and cost-effective diagnostic solutions for patients and their families.

Often the diagnosis of a genetic disorder requires the analysis of multiple genes, prompting us to design our NGS panels to simultaneously test multiple genes associated with a particular disorder or group of disorders. Additionally, our NGS panels include all relevant pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants (class 1 and class 2) within coding regions, regulatory sequences, and deep intronic regions described in HGMD and CentoMD®, our robust data repository of rare diseases.

When choosing one of our NGS panels, your patients will receive high-quality sequencing, best-in-class data analysis and interpretation as well as comprehensive medical reports – significantly simplifying the diagnostic process for you and your patients.

Our NGS Panels

NGS Panels are recommended for patients that follow any or multiple of the following criteria:*

  • Distinctive clinical features  
  • Family history of a particular disorder 
  • Multiple genes are linked to condition  
  • Genetically heterogeneous disorders 
  • Well-defined disease-associated genes 

* Genet Med. 2015 Jun;17(6):444-51. doi: 10.1038/gim.2014.122. Epub 2

Conclusive Clinical Reports

  • Interpretation of data by experienced professionals  
  • Clear results of identified variants following international best-practice guidelines (ACMG and CMSS) 
  • Detailed method description 
  • References to publications supporting medical and scientific results 
  • Recommendations for follow-up analyses for specific diseases 
  • Reporting of pathogenic variants, likely pathogenic variants and VUS

Why Choose our NGS Panels?

Quick turnaround time

Strictest quality criteria

Easy sample submission with CentoCard®

High quality clinical interpretation CentoMD®

Comprehensive medical reports

User-friendly, online ordering and tracking with CentoPortal®


Medical Reporting

Pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants are reported following ACMG classification guidelines. Variants of uncertain significance (VUS) are not reported in any of the following cases: the described phenotype(s) is explained by detected pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant(s); the detected VUS are not related to the described phenotype(s) of the patient or family members; in the lack of sufficient clinical information; and in our oncogenetic panels.

Please note, that detailed and specific clinical information (preferentially phenotype/HPOs) is required for variant interpretation and medical diagnosis.

Benefit from our Medical Expertise and Streamlined Genetic Testing

See details of the genes included in your panels

NGS panels gene lists

We are Flexible to Your Needs!


Our largest NGS panel, covering more than 3,200 disorders

Sample Requirements

CENTOGENE accepts many different types of samples for NGS Panel tests. Please refer to our dedicated Sample Requirements page for details.

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