Patient Screening Program

Smart solutions for patient screening.
Efficient, reliable and cost-effective results.

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How to Identify the Patients

  1. Awareness of patient symptom flags
  2. Easy access to effective diagnostics using genetics and biochemical biomarkers
  3. Systematic screening programs with simple logistics results
  4. Effective therapy

Effective biomarkers are diagnostic tools providing information about disease progression and treatment efficiency.

Why choose CENTOGENE?

Expert medical consultation

Advanced logistical solutions from sample sending to report administration

Global genotype-phenotype database for rare diseases CentoMD®

Shortest turnaround time and fast reporting

Simple logistics

CentoCard® is a unique CE-labeled filter card product, allowing simple sample collection with transport by regular post.

Multiple test requests for one patient can be performed from one filter card, including whole exome and whole genome sequencing. All bar code labeled filter cards are maintained in the CentoPortal® database to ensure accurate tracking and easy monitoring.

CentoPortal® is the unique online ordering portal. It provides simple guidance on patients’ samples and diagnostic reports 24/7.

CentoPortal® allows you to request an analysis in an easy way, obtain an overview of your patients and analyses done, to track samples, and download patients' clinical diagnostic reports. This simplifies the process and improves the quality of clinical data in a structured and unified way.

Mailing samples without special care

CentoCard® is easy to handle: samples are stable once they dry and can be mailed directly by regular post

Samples collected on CentoCard® are not sensitive over time or to temperature, nor are they considered biohazardous

CentoCard® is usable for every analysis and testing method

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