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The ability to diagnose genetic diseases and monitor progression using a simple logistic that inexpensive and ships like a postcard.

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CentoCard® is a CE labeled device used globally to collect dried blood spot samples. To date more than 33,000 physicians have used the CentoCard® to test more than 450,000 patients globally for rare genetic diseases.

  • 10 spots of blood with no special training required
  • genetic, biochemical and enzymatic activity analysis from a single drop of blood
  • Physician documented clinical symptoms 
  • Stable for over 10 years in an ongoing stability study

The process is easy:

  1. Our pharmaceutical partners purchase the CentoCard® and distribute the product to specialists and study centers for use.  
  2. Dried blood spot samples are obtained and the CentoCard® is sent by the ordering physicians to CENTOGENE for analysis 
  3. Medical reports are delivered to physicians through our safe and secure CentoPortal®

The CentoCard® is used by our partners across clinical trial enrollment, study support, and sponsored diagnostic programs:

  • Support genotyping patients to determine eligibility of patients for clinical trial enrollment
  • Analyze complex proteomics, metabalomics and genomics as part of a clinical study
  • Empower doctors to test patients freely for particular diseases based on clinical symptoms

CentoCard® by the numbers:

We know that 30% of all CentoCard® products are distributed in the support of a screening program are returned to CENTOGENE for analysis. If the frequency of the disease is understood within a particular patient population one can predict the outcome in distributing a certain number of the CentoCard®:


CENTOGENE was instrumental in determining that a High frequency of Fabry disease in patients with cryptogenic stroke corresponds to 1.2% in young stroke patients and therefore the CentoCard® should be distributed to doctors that treat unexplained stroke in young adults and that If you test 1000 young adult cryptogenic stroke patients; 12 will test positive for Fabry disease and that 3000 should initially be purchased and circulated among specialists to test 1000 patients.

CentoCard® is easy to prepare, to ship, is cost-effective and hassle-free

Prepare the filtercard

Transfer the blood

Complete the sample

Dry the sample for two hours

Send it to CENTOGENE

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