Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next generation sequencing (NGS) enables us to generate a large amount of sequencing data in a
massively parallel manner (millions of sequencing reactions at the same time). This makes sequencing much faster and much more cost effective, and thus allows us to sequence large panels, whole exomes (WES) and even whole human genomes (WGS).

Centogene utilizes NGS platforms from three different providers: Illumina, Ion Torrent and Roche.

General quality management of NGS

All NGS testing is completed by strictly adhering to the guidelines of ISO 15189, CAP and CLIA 1988. The establishment and validation of methods and diagnostic tests is completed and approved by the Medical Director before implementation of any clinical patient testing. All tests are revalidated regularly with
mandatory participation in biannual CAP and EQMN proficiency testing, as well as other alternative
assessment systems. All staff members participate in continuous education (twice a year) and
competency testing (once a year). There is also an ongoing process of evaluating and revising SOPs as
required incorporating control samples to serve as indicators that processes are cohesive with the demands of the Clinical NGS Laboratory. Biannual internal audits are conducted to ensure continuous high quality testing is maintained. These results are reviewed by the Quality Management team and the Medical


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